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    The Next 30 Years in Packaging

    Future package design and development promise more personalization to bridge the gap between consumer needs and product reality. Consumers want food to meet their unique and changing needs. Producing personalized products is a challenge for large and small food companies. Innovative package design and development can help brands meet the challenge. Personalization is also being achieved ...


    Biomimicry in Packaging

    Now, more than ever we’re seeing more of a demand to “biomimic” the natural world’s ecosystem into human ecosystems; where there is no such thing as waste and everything is cycled up and reused — circular economy.

    A product is produced from a manufacturer...


    Printing in 2019

    Printing in 2019 is going to change, with the recent decline and layoffs in Buzzfeed and Vice Media, media is struggling. This also impacts commercial printers, here are a few ways to adapt to new pressures...

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